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Ittybit automagically selects the best format for your user’s device. Get fast starts, buffer-free, high-quality video playback on any connection.


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Keep your video files securely in the cloud. Ittybit handles caching at the edge and extra backups across multiple storage regions.


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Our PE lesson videos are used by 80,000 kids around the globe – including South East Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Ittybit lets us serve HD video without buffering even on slower connections, and means kids can train wherever they live.

Simon Brundish Profile Image
Simon Brundish
Founder, Strength:Lab

Video is essential part of any new social app, but viral video can cost a platform a lot. Ittybit enabled us to fit video in to our model without sacrificing quality or racking up extortionate bills... plus our devs love it! 🙌🏽

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Becky Fatemi
CEO, Roksia