Add video to your app ... in minutes

Stop wrestling with AWS and FFMPEG.

Start using ittybit’s video API for broadcast scale performance at startup-friendly pricing.

End-to-end video in 3 lines of code

Implement a full video lifecycle in a single API call


Dedicated upload servers provide rapid file ingestion for as fast an upload as possible


Lambdas instantly transcode and recompress files for an average 78% reduction in file size


Compressed files are stored securely and pushed to global network of caches ready for buffer-free playback


Get adaptive streaming via a single secure URL to any player or device you choose

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We enjoy helping our customers to think through features, build them quickly, and to ship their products to real people.

We aren’t sales people who want to keep you on the phone all day. We're developers and business owners who run our company independently. So get in touch and we can help you add video to your app. We can chat, screen share, email, or call - up to you.

ittybit is carbon neutral. We use renewable energy powered data centers and plant 1 tree/TB processed, removing 660kg of CO2 from the atmosphere.