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Our PE lesson videos are used by 80,000 kids around the globe – including South East Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Ittybit lets us serve HD video without buffering even on slower connections, and means kids can train wherever they live.

Simon Brundish
Founder, Strength:Lab

Video is essential part of any new social app, but viral video can cost a platform a lot. Ittybit enabled us to fit video in to our model without sacrificing quality or racking up extortionate bills... plus our devs love it! 🙌🏽

Becky Fatemi
CEO, Roksia

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Get powerful media features

(without the usual headaches)

Stop messing with ffmpeg incantations and S3 permissions. Use ittybit’s media APIs for broadcast scale performance at startup-friendly pricing.


Upload, encode, and stream video

Save months of developer time and lean on ittybit's broadcast-scale video expertise

Easily encode video files ready for seamless playback on every device

Control access with secure (but easy-to-use) tokens and powerful rulesets

Stream from global edge caches for buffer-free playback even on slow connections


Dynamic image creation and delivery

Upload, store, and deliver the perfect image every time.

Create image sizes and formats on-the-fly

Sharpen, blur, and add filters with simple URL parameters

Leverage global distribution and caching to deliver high-res images without the painful loading times


Reach the world in real-time

Add live-streaming to your apps, with simple APIs for broadcasting, watching live, and saving streams for video-on-demand

Ingest and encode your users’ video in real-time

Low latency broadcasting around the world

Store streams for on-demand playback immediately after the live event ends


Automate your media pipeline

Create and customise workflows to automatically generate all the media assets you need for every upload

Add as many encode steps as you like for different media types. Generate all the sizes and thumbnails you need.

Use smart defaults or tweak to get your perfect output

Manage through source-controlled code, or give your content team access to an intuitive no-code UI


Get insights into your media performance

Monitor your users’ activity levels, see devices and locations of viewers, and drill down to see video views and retention.

Show detailed analytics dashboards to help your users create more engaging content

Bill your users based on bandwidth, number of items, or by-the-minute

Easily manage user quotas and keep your costs under control


We wanted a system that would scale to match our ambition. The ittybit team's experience with broadcast systems gave us a lot of confidence.

Sarah Woodall
Product Lead, Lively

Ittybit allows us to focus on our unique front end features without worrying about infrastructure

James Kelly

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