Broadcast scale video at startup-friendly pricing

Stop messing with ffmpeg and S3 permissions. Add video to your apps in minutes... with an API your developers will love.

import { Upload } from '@ittybit/react';

export default const MyUploader = () => {
  return <Upload onChange={uploadFile} />;


Our PE lesson videos are used by 80,000 kids around the globe – including South East Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Ittybit lets us serve HD video without buffering even on slower connections, and means kids can train wherever they live.

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Simon Brundish
Founder, Strength:Lab

Video is essential part of any new social app, but viral video can cost a platform a lot. Ittybit enabled us to fit video in to our model without sacrificing quality or racking up extortionate bills... plus our devs love it! 🙌🏽

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Becky Fatemi
CEO, Roksia

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Quick Start

Add end-to-end video to your app... in 6 lines of code

const ittybit = require('@ittybit/sdk')(ENV.ITTYBIT_KEY);

function getStreamingMedia({ file }) {
  const upload = await ittybit.uploads.create({ file });
  const media = await{ id: });
  return media;
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Send files to our dedicated servers for rapid and secure uploads directly from your end users, or ingest videos in bulk from your AWS bucket, Google Cloud Storage, or publically accessible URLs

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Setup custom workflows (or use our smart defaults) to compress video, resize for different screen sizes, and convert to all the streaming formats you need for buffer-free playback on any device

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Videos are stored remotely and pushed to a global network of edge caches ready for low-latency playback wherever your audience live. If you need it we can setup region-specific caches for extra-speedy start times.

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Get adaptive streaming through a single secure URL in your own player, easily embed our flexible, white-label video player, or link directly to any of the video versions returned from our API

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Automagically play the highest quality video

Ittybit can automagically serve the best quality video your viewer’s connection can manage without having to buffer ...

Detects browser and selects HLS or DASH depending on compatibility

Detects connection speed and seamlessly switches bitrate to as high as possible without causing buffer

Detects browser size and pixel density then serves a smaller file when possible

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Industry Leading Compression

Buffer-free playback on any connection

Ittybit encodes are powered by our proprietary compression engine – some super smart powerful bots who can crush your filesize without reducing visual or audio quality ...

Start steaming faster as less bits need to be transferred to load your videos

Smooth playback increases watch time, retention, and conversions

Reduce your bills as you scale – lower storage and bandwidth costs get passed on to you

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Global Content Delivery Network

Reach your worldwide audience

Ittybit intelligently distributes video files across multiple CDN providers to give your users fast start times no matter where they live or which connection they’re using ...

Over 250 data centers in over 100 countries put your content close to your customers

Your files are stored securely on origin servers across North America, Europe, and Asia

Playback segments are cached at the edge so popular videos load instantly no matter how viral they go

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Built for devs by devs

We’re nerds obsessed with providing a great developer experience ...

Well-documented REST API for *all the things*

SDKs for Node, Python*, Ruby*, PHP* (*coming soon)

Pre-built components and code samples get you started (and finished) quickly

Responsive support directly from our dev team – we can even pair with you to help with your integration