Ittybit provides everything you need to upload, store, extract rich data, convert, compress, and deliver all your video, images, and audio files

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Ingest directly from your bucket or any public URL, POST files from your server, or create signed URLs for secure client-side uploads

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Easily add AI-powered features to your app. Get transcripts, detect objects, extract text, flag NSFW content, and more

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Create all the formats and sizes you need to support any device or browser, and save up to 90% bandwidth with industry-leading compression

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Create highly customised workflows to automate your media management, or allow us to automagically optimise for quality, latency, and cost

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Securely store your media in the cloud, encrypted-at-rest, with built-in redundancy and distributed backups

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Protect your media with upload conditions, encrypted storage, signed transforms, delivery access controls, and expiry dates

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Improve page load speeds and give your users a smooth experience by delivering media from an edge network with over 250 locations

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Track usage and performance of your media with detailed analytics that don't require cookie banners or user tracking

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