About Us

At Ittybit we're making the world's best video compression system available to all developers.


We already live in the zettabyte era:

  • 85% internet traffic will be video in 2022
  • 400% increase in video bandwidth usage since 2017
  • 25% of bandwidth is UHD video (up from 2.5% in 2018)

And it's obvious that video will be even more ubiquitous in the future. Already mainstream behaviours continue to grow, new technologies are rapidly adopted, and trends point to novel applications in the near future:

  • Video on Demand
  • Live Events
  • Social Networks
  • Ecommerce
  • Remote Work
  • Online Education
  • Home Security
  • Bodycams and Dashcams
  • 8k Cinema
  • VR
  • AR

But video is still a pain to work with!

Free Solutions are Insecure

Companies can host their videos on YouTube. The built-in audience can be amazing for marketing but ad-supported systems aren’t designed for business use cases, especially those with compliance requirements. Free platforms are insecure (public!) by nature, have one-sided terms of use, and can arbitrarily remove content whenever they wish.

Hosted Solutions are Expensive

All-in-one hosting platforms can be a great solution for companies looking to host a small number of files. However they are prohibitively expensive at any kind of scale. They’re really designed for landing page or sales videos that get <1,000 views on average, they're not built to be a platform for companies to build their video business on top of.

DIY Solutions are Complex

It's also possible for a company to build their own video processing pipeline using cloud provider tools from Amazon, Microsoft, or Google. In fact, Ittybit's founders went down this exact path in previous companies! For it to work developers must handle large file sizes, a broad range of formats, and the need to balance quality, bandwidth, and encoding costs.

It quickly becomes apparent that video encoding and delivery has many edge-case considerations that most businesses shouldn’t have to waste developer energy on, but which catch them out long after the “build vs buy” decision.

There's a reason YouTube and Netflix spend $10s of millions to develop their own best practices!

What if video was secure, affordable, and easy?

At Ittybit we are building the best media platform for developers – the one we wish we'd had access to at our previous companies!


  1. Ittybit combines a simple-to-grok API with a uniquely powerful compression system and a reliable global distribution network.
  2. We sweat the details so that other developers don't have to.


Our founding team are all full-stack engineers with over 14 years (each!) working with developer tools everyday – that includes the good ones, the bad ones, and the ones made by PayPal.

Some of those past experiences include building Video-on-Demand and SaaS businesses in the online education space, more than 10 years diving deep into video encoding and compression, and working on BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Channel 4.

We've also had side-quests in YouTubing (1.5m subscribers), Video Production (commercials for EA Sports, Puma, Vauxhall), Twitch Streaming, and Music Production.

We're Hiring – Interested in joining a fully remote, highly flexible team working on interesting problems? Tell us about yourself


Ittybit is based in London (UK) with team members in MediaCityUK (England), Edinburgh (Scotland), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Brisbane (Australia), and Palo Alto (California).

Our customers can be found across Europe and North America, and their audiences are worldwide!